Sally Putnam, CFP®, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™

Sally helps clients with the financial aspects of divorce.  Working through the assets to determine the amounts and how they should be divided, taking into account, today as well as future value and income needs.


Leslie A Satterlee, Family Law Attorney

Offering a host of creative solutions that brings satisfaction to her clients. Leslie has counseled in a wide variety of divorce scenarios, from divorce for military families that may call for long-distance and deployment-compatible parenting plans, to divorce for business owning families.


Melissa Al-Rifai, Mortgage Broker

Melissa has been in the mortgage industry for over a decade and brings to the profession a vast range of solutions for her clients.  Life can be hectic, especially during a major life change, and Melissa makes sure she is available, knowledgeable, and communicating with her clients to help ease the mortgage process.


Kaci Bowman, Family Law Attorney

Kaci assists her clients with navigating the legal aspects of divorce, including legal separation, dissolution, custody and child support.  Although Kaci strives to help her clients achieve fair resolutions short of proceeding to trail whenever possible, her vast experience as a litigator is invaluable when settlement just isn’t possible.


Eva Marin, Realtor

Eva has been a licensed Realtor since 2004.  Her experience in diverse market conditions allows her to guide clients to the best scenario to fit their needs.  Her unique qualities entail the emotional and relational support required as it deals with sudden life changes. She provides much more than a real estate transaction with in-depth care and support of her clients.


Terrie Kolker, Home and Auto Insurance

Terrie offers a full service independent, home and auto insurance options for her clients. With over 15 years of experience she can help clients find the right coverage for their unique needs.  Because she has the backing of an independent network she can select insurance companies that offer a high level of coverage at competitive prices.


Kristel Patton, Estate Attorney

Knowing that she wanted to help families deal with the often difficult and daunting process of estate planning, attorney Kristel K. Patton established her firm in 2008. Frustrated with seeing cookie-cutter estate plans and hearing from clients that they did not understand their existing plans, Kristel set out to develop a better approach.